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Is it better to extend or refinance a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is also known as a bridge loan – you should repay it in a short period of time. However, a customer may face some issues – for example, a loan matures before he is able to repay it. If you have ever had a similar situation, you might ask yourself, “is […]

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What kind of insurance is required to get a hard money loan?

There is no doubt that getting a loan from a private lender is a much easier process than getting a loan from a bank. However, in the list of necessary documents, you will find an “insurance” paragraph. So, what kind of insurance do you need to get a hard money loan from a private lender? […]

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Ibonds or real estate?

Recently our president Boris Dorfman showed me an article, “Couples can fight inflation with 7.12% risk-free interest to increase their holdings”. According to the article, I bonds have relatively low purchase limits, and couples may leverage a year-end strategy to increase their holdings. I bonds, backed by the U.S. government, won’t lose value, and there […]

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Common mistakes when flipping a house

House flipping can become a great source of income. However, it’s not that easy. Most beginners fail at their first project and decide not to move forward. So, what are the most common mistakes when flipping a house and how to avoid them? First and foremost, beginners spend too much on the house. For example, […]

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What is the difference between a hard money lender and a private lender?

It’s quite a question for a borrower what lender to choose when there are a hard money lender and a private lender. What is the difference between them? Which one is better? Although there are differences between them, they are similar in some aspects of their operations. Therefore, it’s essential to understand all the nuances […]

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