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Our Commitment

Why LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC?

Being in trust deed investments and real estate business for the last 20 years, we have learned all the pitfalls of both industries. We know that you are striving for safe and profitable investments, and thatโ€™s exactly what we bring you.

We donโ€™t engage in real estate buying or selling, nor in flipping properties. Instead, our main assurance lies in the real estate loans, which allows us to ensure better liquidity and quicker returns. Our fund is managed by a team of experienced Real Estate and Trust Deed investing professionals with decades of experience.

Effective management, steady returns, and shielding against market volatility.

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Our advantages

Why LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC?

  • 8+ % ROI annually
  • High liquidity and predictable cash flow
  • 13+ years track record
  • $60,000,000 AUM
  • Expansive portfolio of trust deeds
  • Possibility to invest from self-directed IRA or DB
  • Independently audited financial statements
  • Managed by a team of experienced Real Estate and Trust Deed investing professionals with decades of experience
  • Thousands of real estate transactions
  • Possibility to invest for non-residents of the US
  • Investing for LLC and trust funds
  • Monthly disbursement of income


Our Process

  • Initial Consultation

    To begin with, we get to learn more about your investment plans, answer questions and talk about the processes in the company

  • Subscription Agreement

    You fill out the subscription agreement, we educate you about the further process. We send you our PPM, OA and subscription agreement

  • Membership

    At this stage we sign the papers, you wire the investment amount and we open the access to your personal investment portal and you get access to your investment portal

  • Ongoing Relationship

    After the closing stage, you become part of our community. We arrange annual meetings with our investors, provide audited financial reports, and keep you in the loop of any updates

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Who can invest with us?

This offering is available to qualified accredited investors who meet investor suitability standards

  • High-Growth Seekers

  • Capital accumulators

  • Passive Income Seekers

  • LLC and trust funds

  • IRA and DB Investors

Our minimum investment is $250,000. For members investing $1M+ we offer 0.5% ROI additionally

Stability of ROI and generating income in stress-free environment are our core values.
Today, we have over 170 satisfied fund members, and our investment family continues to grow.

Key benefit

How do we invest?

At LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC Income Fund, we keep things simple and secure. We believe in an investment strategy that’s all about stability, reliability, and good returns for you.

We focus on trust deeds linked to California real estate, and have indeed experienced team managing the fund. We know this market inside out. That’s how we spot great investment opportunities while keeping your risks low.

We don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Our strategy is all about spreading your investments across different loan types, like residential, commercial, purchase or refinance. This way, if one area isn’t doing so hot, your investments in others stay strong.

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Using the funds accumulated via LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC, our fund managing team arranges quick funding for investment properties, ensuring your investments are backed by real estate.

About Us

LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC

We are a team of experts in real estate field, who have made their name thanks to years of safe and highly profitable real estate investments for our clients.

We know how to increase your investable income, generate returns, and ensure stability even in a vigorous real estate market.

Being in the market for over 13 years, we know how to increase your income, generate returns, and ensure stability even in a stormy real estate market. Our clients admit that our risk minimization strategies, stable dividents, and possibility to diversify their portfolios are among the main reasons they invest with us for years.

About Us


Investor Portal

At LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC, we are dedicated to providing investors with a wide range of valuable information and resources. Our investors portal serves as a centralized hub where you can access all updates, reports, and insights to stay informed about your investments.

One of the key features of our portal is the option to receive dividends by choosing automatic reinvestment. We understand that you have your own goals and preferences, which is why we provide the flexibility to tailor your investment to suit your needs.

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