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Understanding Trust Deed Investing

Let’s start with the basics. A trust deed, also known as a deed of trust, is a legal agreement in real estate transactions. It involves three key parties: the borrower (property buyer), the lender (usually a bank or private investor), and a neutral third party known as the trustee.

Trust Deed Investments are a simple and smart way to grow your money. Here’s how it works:

Imagine you have some extra money, and you want it to grow. With Trust Deed Investments, you become a bit like a bank. You lend your money to people who want to buy houses or properties. They use your money to make their purchase, and in return, they promise to pay you back with interest, just like a regular loan.

The Benefits of Trust Deed Investments

Investing in trust deeds comes with some great perks:

  • Good Earnings:

    You can make some nice money through interest. With LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC, you could earn 8-12% every year, giving you a regular passive income.

  • Asset-Backed:

    Your investment is like a safety net. If things don’t go as planned, you have a claim on the property itself, which makes it safe.

  • Lower Risk:

    Trust Deed Investments are less risky compared to other types of investments like stocks or cryptocurrencies. Here’s why: At LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC, we’re super careful about which loans we invest in. We only choose the ones that we believe are a safe bet. Plus, we spread your investment across different properties and borrowers. This diversification means less risk for you.

Who Can Invest with us?

To become a member of LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC Income Fund, we require you to be an accredited investor. That’s someone who has enough money to handle more complex investments.

Being an accredited investor typically means:

  • Earning over $200,000 a year (or $300,000 with a spouse) for the last two years, with similar earnings expected this year.
  • Having a net worth of at least $1 million, not counting your primary residence.
  • Being part of a company’s leadership or having a special role related to investments.

Why Choose LBC Capital?

When you invest with LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC Income Fund, you’re choosing a team with over 13 years of experience. We’ve been at this for more than a decade and know Trust Deed Investments inside out.

We spread our investments across different properties and borrowers, which means less risk for you. We’re very careful about choosing loans, so your investment stays safe, and returns stable.

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