Receive a steady preferred return on your investment of at least 8% with the possibility to increase to over 10% with LBC Capital. Our fund originates, underwrites and funds high-yielding, low LTV (loan-to-value) mortgages that balance risk vs. return.
1Are there minimums for investing in the Income Fund?
We welcome accredited investors with a minimum of $100,000 to invest.
2Who are trust deed investors?
They include anyone looking for an opportunity to earn a competitive ROI from lending money to borrowers with real property as security with the assistance of a broker. The money to be invested can come from retirement accounts, savings, or credit lines.
3Why are investors’ funds pooled together?
This enables diversification since a pool of investors may invest in variety of projects, rather than one investor for only one project. We only pool private money to fund fractionalized loans or residential properties with the investor’s consent, which offers increased control and security for the average trust deed investor.
4May I invest IRA funds?
Yes. We accept investments from self-directed IRAs as well as from other types of private retirement accounts. You should always contact your plan representative before investing as retirement accounts may have different rules and policies.
5How are dividends distributed?
Dividends may either be reinvested or distributed monthly.
6What is the annual yield for investments?
Our fund offers a preferred Rate of Return (ROI) of at least 8% per year, and it is not uncommon for actual returns to be higher.
7How safe is my investment?
While all investments have risks associated with them, we offer a unique program that allows a private lender to own real estate via a first trust deed. As an investor in the fund, you will personally own a fraction of each of the fund’s investments, which are secured by at least a 40% equity stake in each particular property.
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