May 19, 2023

ESG real estate. How the new investment trend will affect the future

Businessmen all over the world are seriously interested in such a recent phenomenon as ESG. For example, real estate investors are increasingly focusing on sustainable development. ESG real estate is not only a trend today, but also a necessity that the time requires. Let’s look at what investors need to know about ESG. And how it will help strengthen your position in the market in the future. ESG real estate stands for:  ESG real estate  Once upon a time, real estate was the embodiment of capitalism. However, the current trend is in the opposite direction. The application of ESG standards to real estate (particularly by governments and developers) has shown that this asset class remains relevant when sustainable development guidelines are applied. There is a growing awareness that real estate can have a significant social impact. Either through the restoration of public spaces (indirectly focusing on the merits of existing […]