The lending process for real estate sales and acquisitions can be a lot more complicated than many people think. Completing transactions is much easier with the help of professional brokers and realtors, especially when a deal doesn’t meet traditional bank financing guidelines and your success depends on sourcing hard money loans, private financing, or private mortgage pools. Brokers also help investors find opportunities through private mortgage funds for relatively low risk investments secured by real estate that yield high rates of return. LBC Capital provides the connections you need.
1What are the advantages of using a hard money lender for funding?
Our loans are based on the collateral and equity position of our lien, so our borrowers require less scrutiny and we can process a loan more quickly than a typical bank. If a borrower has bad credit or cannot document income, they can still be considered for a loan because we are only lending a small part of a real estate’s value.
2What type of properties will be considered for funding or as security for a loan?
We include for consideration apartments and non-owner occupied single-family residential property, school property, industrial property, commercial property (retail/office), special purpose property, and church property. We will also consider land loans for infill and coastal locations (under a lower loan-to-value structure).
3How does LBC mitigate risk when it comes to real estate investment funding?
All of LBC Capital Income Fund, LLC’s real estate investors have either a strength of equity or personal funds serving as their security and guarantee that the trust deed payment is prioritized. Furthermore, there’s equity in the form of a brokered loan at 60% of the ARV or LTV, where the borrower’s personal cash flow or a rental cash flow that sufficiently pays the monthly mortgage.
4Does LBC Capital cooperate with brokers?
As a private mortgage fund we are happy to work with mortgage brokers, investment brokers and real estate brokers
5Are brokers compensated for referring their client?
Licensed California Real Estate brokers will receive compensation according to the policies stated in our Broker Agreement.
6Why should you work with LBC Capital?
We aren’t like traditional, institutional lenders. An ever-growing list of borrowers, investors, realtors, and brokers has discovered how easy it is to do business with a seasoned veteran like LBC. We can fund your loan and get you paid within ten business days. We use our money and utilize simplified lending criteria, so our clients will never feel like they’re getting scrutinized.
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