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Is it better to extend or refinance a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is also known as a bridge loan – you should repay it in a short period of time. However, a customer may face some issues – for example, a loan matures before he is able to repay it. If you have ever had a similar situation, you might ask yourself, “is it better to extend or refinance my loan.”
Well, let’s consider both situations when it’s better to extend a loan and when it’s better to refinance.

What are the benefits of extending a hard money loan?
The main advantage of loan extending is a quick approval process. In addition, you already have a trustworthy relationship with your lender, so at least you don’t need to look for a new one and do complete underwriting.

What are the pitfalls of extending a hard money loan?
The first and the most important pitfall is that you can extend your loan for 3-6 months to repay your loan. It’s not an extended period, so you have to have a strict plan and follow it.
Usually, this happens when a customer gets a hard money loan for the renovation or construction of the property to close on building quickly.

Another option is refinancing.

What are the benefits of refinancing a hard money loan?
Unlike loan extending, refinancing implies a more extended repayment period as well as an opportunity to cash out or to get a lower interest rate. However, by getting a new loan, you are not required to pay an extension fee. Plus, if the property’s value increases or your cash flow gets better, you may get a new hard money loan with better terms.

What are the pitfalls of refinancing a hard money loan?
If loan extension may take a day, so refinancing takes much more time and documentation. You will have to a lender and do a new underwriting.

Before getting a hard money loan, think about how long you need a loan. Hard money loans are short-time loans. Usually, the repayment period is from 6 to 24 months.

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