Books about budgeting. How to plan income and expenses
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Books about budgeting. Five books that will teach you how to plan income and expenses

Books about budgeting. Five books that will teach you how to plan income and expenses

How to turn a dream into reality? What financial instruments will allow you to save up for a car, an apartment, an education for children, and a comfortable retirement? This collection contains books about budgeting to help you get started.

Robert Kiyosaki — Rich Dad Poor Dad

The bestseller talks about two opposite approaches to work: money and financial planning.

The father of the author of the book was a well-educated man, but he spent all the money he earned and hoped all his life for benefits and benefits from the state. As a result, by the end of his life, he became a “poor dad” with unpaid bills.

The father of a school friend, Kiyosaki, practiced the opposite approach. He built a business empire even though he had only eight classes. His strategy: tightly control costs, invest in assets, not in comfort and luxury, and constantly explore new ways to generate income. Using the example of two fathers, Kiyosaki tells how to change your mindset — start working hard, spending, and making a profit from investments.

The book has little practical advice, but it can inspire new achievements.

Bodo Schaefer — The Road To Financial Freedom. Earn Your First Million in Seven Years

The German business coach’s book introduces the reader to four savings strategies. Each allows you to make a fortune in 15-20 years. The author assures that if you use them all simultaneously, you can become rich even faster — in about seven years.

He shares his experience, telling how he paid off tremendous debts and became financially independent. Separate chapters are devoted to how to make a financial plan, increase income, save and increase it, and build a career on a hobby.

Schaefer’s advice is relevant not only in stable times but also in times of crisis.

Carl Richards — Let’s talk about your income and expenses

The author advises how to refuse unnecessary purchases and what to do if money always disappears somewhere. In his opinion, personal capital is not only finances. It is also your time, skills, and energy. To competently manage them, you need to clearly understand where to invest and why you should do it. The financial specialist clearly shows how his friends and clients realized their real goals and how it helped them accumulate serious amounts.

Vicki Robin, Monique Tilford, Joe Dominguez — Trick or Treat

“Do you control the money, or does the money control you?” — the question the authors ask even on the cover. This book is about figuring out your goals and changing your financial behavior: reduce mindless consumerism and learn how to live better with less. It is enough to understand where you can save money clearly and in what cases it is easy to do without spending.

The authors offer readers a program of nine steps. With its help, you can quickly learn how to spend money only on what you need.

David Bach, John David Mann — The Latte Factor. Three secrets of financial freedom 

The Latte Factor is the story of a girl named Zoe who lives paycheck to paycheck, and deep down, she dreams of traveling. But even when promoted at work, she cannot save anything — all the money continues to go somewhere.

One day, a barista in a cafe Zoe runs into in the morning and reveals the secrets of wealth. One of them is the “latte factor.” Every day, you must set aside a small amount of your own money into a separate account, for example, equal to the cost of your favorite drink. At first glance, it is unlikely that you will save much. But if you invest this money wisely, you can get a fantastic result.

As the story progresses, the authors unobtrusively advise on how to change your life for the better. The book’s heroine manages to achieve what she wants pretty quickly — after three years, she finds herself on the island, which she had only dreamed of before.

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