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Funded Deals

We share our success stories with you.

The Fund’s loan portfolio has been diversified over many different borrowers, properties, and geographic regions. Additionally, to protect the Fund from any potential downturns in particular market sectors, the Fund Manager strives to keep the Fund’s collateral real estate well-diversified by property type and use.

  • Commercial-retail building


    Chestnut St, San Francisco

    • 1st lien
    • No appraisal
    • Multi-tenant
    • Refinance
    • Cash Out
    • 6,565 SF

    $2,100,000 Loan Amount

  • Commercial nix use building

    Fulton St

    Fulton St, Fresno

    • 1st lien
    • No appraisal
    • Historical Building
    • Refinance
    • Conversion to AU
    • Bridge Loan
    • 134,490 SF

    $2,100,000 Loan Amount

  • Commercial mixed use building


    Beinvenida, Pacific Palisades

    • Purchase
    • Funds to build
    • Luxury House
    • Construction funds
    • Purchase of Land
    • 4,063 SF

    $3,160,000 Loan Amount

  • Rehab completionsingle tenant commercial bldg

    N Vermont

    N Vermont, Los Angeles

    • Refinance
    • Complete Rehab
    • Banquet Hall
    • Cash Out
    • No appraisal
    • 8,500 SF

    $1,715,000 Loan Amount

  • Rehab completionsingle tenant commercial bldg

    S Broadway

    S Broadway, Los Angeles

    • Multi-Tenant
    • Rate & Term
    • Refinance
    • 15,765 SF

    $1,400,000 Loan Amount

  • Rehab completion luxury sfr – rehab

    Partington Ridge

    Partington Ridge, Big Sur

    • Refinance
    • Cash Out

    $2,000,000 Loan Amount

  • Commercial – retail bldg

    W Washington St

    W Washington St, Los Angeles

    • Multi-tenant
    • 13,668 SF Rent Area

    $5,300,000 Loan Amount

  • Hotel

    Katella Ave

    Katella Ave, Stanton

    • 72 Room Hotel
    • 2-Story
    • 46,886 SF

    $4,500,000 Loan Amount


Why Fund with LBC Capital

We act as the main investment fund for our clients and we work for them. Over the past 10 years, the Fund has consistently generated solid returns with low volatility for its investors.

Today LBC Capital Income Fund holds a $50 million portfolio of trust deeds which are secured by a variety of properties and diversified by geographic location and property type.

The main indicator is that we ourselves keep money in the fund. Thanks to this, our clients have the opportunity to relax and make a profit while at home or anywhere.


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