May 25, 2023

How to plan an investment budget? 

Financial stability and growth require a smart approach. Planning your investment budget is a key step to financial success and achieving your dreams. Let’s figure out how to calculate the investment budget and where to start.  Financial airbag  Before you start investing, make sure you have an airbag. This is a financial reserve that will allow you to deal with unexpected situations such as job loss or medical expenses. Determine the amount you would like to have as an airbag, usually between three and six months of spending. Create a separate account and regularly save money to it so that you are prepared for unforeseen circumstances. It is recommended to form a safety airbag and a portfolio of securities in stages: first accumulate the necessary cushion, then start investing. Otherwise, in the event of force majeure, you are left without full insurance. For example, the airbag has not yet been […]
May 19, 2023

ESG real estate. How the new investment trend will affect the future

Businessmen all over the world are seriously interested in such a recent phenomenon as ESG. For example, real estate investors are increasingly focusing on sustainable development. ESG real estate is not only a trend today, but also a necessity that the time requires. Let’s look at what investors need to know about ESG. And how it will help strengthen your position in the market in the future. ESG real estate stands for:  ESG real estate  Once upon a time, real estate was the embodiment of capitalism. However, the current trend is in the opposite direction. The application of ESG standards to real estate (particularly by governments and developers) has shown that this asset class remains relevant when sustainable development guidelines are applied. There is a growing awareness that real estate can have a significant social impact. Either through the restoration of public spaces (indirectly focusing on the merits of existing […]
May 9, 2023
FLEX space can be an office, coworking or retail space.

Investment in coworking. What are flex spaces? 

In the modern world, those who can quickly respond to market changes, be flexible, and be mobile can win. Our understanding of real estate, corporate culture, and office space is changing. Most of all, adaptability, functionality, and a sense of community, they are valuable today. In this text, we will understand what flex spaces are. And how it affects the rental market, and also understand the reasons for its popularity. What is flex space?  Flex space is a type of real estate that is suitable for a wide range of uses. As a rule, we are talking about large formats — flexible spaces can cover thousands of square feet. A few decades ago, all industrial sites or warehouses located in one place fell under the description of such real estate. But today, the concept of flex is expanding and capturing more and more new directions. It can be an office, coworking […]